Handy Shopper

Handy Shopper 1.7

Replace your paper and pen with this handy list program

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Handy Shopper Nokia 7650 software is a shopping tool that is perfect for keeping lists of groceries to buy. The program has simple, intuitive interface, which makes Handy Shopper easy and comfortable to use.

With Handy Shopper software for Nokia 7650 you will buy exactly what you want to buy and won't forget anything.

Usage: Go to the "All" tab and mark items that you need to buy. They are organized by categories. Then go to the "Need" tab and see your shopping list. Now go to shop and buy the items from the list. Mark purchased items - they will move to the bottom of the list or disappear (define this in Settings). You can easily create your own product categories and items. You can quickly calculate the total price and count of your purchases.

A powerful shopping list application.

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Handy Shopper


Handy Shopper 1.7

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  • by Anonymous

    paid for it but never got the down load..
    i paid for the trail and i recieved a reg no. but there wasnt a a link...   More